Nix features/products that do not add business value – just do it!

In continuation with my previous post on the ‘art of saying No’, one more such high value ability every product manager should possess in their toolbox is this ability to be able to take tough business calls in ‘sunsetting’ non value add features or entire products that don’t add to the overall product.

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Focus / Product Management and the unique art of saying ‘No’

I have been labeled as the “No” person in my current company. Its for good reason too! No one after all likes hearing a “No” to their request, do they?

But, the more I ponder on this topic of saying No and why it is so critical, the more I believe it should be done. Whichever space you operate in, Consumer products, Enterprise products or somewhere between the two, if you do not master the art of saying the ‘right No’s’, you will soon end up overwhelmed by your own ‘lackadaisical decision making’ capabilities and I don’t believe you would qualify as a ‘Good/strong product Manager’! So, you ask, ‘what IF I don’t say No’; ‘what IF I just keep my stakeholders happy’, ‘what IF I think saying No is blasphemy’, ‘oh, I have been told Product Management is anyway a political job, in such an environment, if I were to say No, won’t that hurt my career prospects?’, ‘I’m scared I might get FIRED if I say NO so I don’t do it’!

In my opinion, all of above arguments lack substance.

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