My friend returned from the Himalayas rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

Before this a quick word on his definition of ‘simplicity’. The next topic my friend took time to describe is ‘focus’ but that is for another post.

My friend believes in simplicity. He is a lover of Japanese culture and Zen Buddhism. He believes in the philosophy of ‘less is more’. How does he translate all this to his real life?

Live a life of simplicity

This is easier said than done but how do you define simplicity?

Simplicity is in your mental makeup. It emanates from the way one interacts with this world. In my friend’s world, there are only 1 or 0’s. That is how he defines simplicity – plain and simple. It is the concept of being simple yet not being simple at all. To some this seems as absurd so he took an example:

Imagine you have all the material comforts of life. A nice car, a loving family, a great plush job, a wonderful friend circle, a beautiful house, a great camaraderie with everyone around you – in other words, what anyone would define as a ‘near perfect life’.

Now imagine that one of these is either diluted or goes sour to any degree. Now, does one define this person as any less ‘perfect’ or the person’s life suddenly being ‘less than perfect’? To the ordinary observer, it is like the stock market so their answer is probably yes. This is where my friend differs from the rest of the world.

The above creature comforts we highlighted are great but then only 3 of them really matter where the inner being of the person is tightly integrated with. These are:

1. The first family circle (the parents, siblings, wife, children etc.)

2. The inner DNA/mental makeup and an intense self belief/confidence to take on the world

3. The ability to communicate complex problems in lucid terms for the world to understand and the willingness to be misunderstood (true for anyone who exhibits an outlier phenomenon)

Everything else falls in a contextual space: Material comforts such as house, car, good job etc. – as they are all very transient. They don’t define who we are.

Now, simplicity by the above analysis is simply that there is zero influence of the presence/absence of the material comforts that we highlighted above!

Let me give you another ex:

To analyze the correlation of simplicity and the value one brings to a company when one works for it in whatever capacity, you often look back and evaluate objectively on what you did right, what did wrong and quantify the ‘value’ you brought to the company.

In my friend’s definition/his worldview, he measures ‘value’ by actually taking his contributions off and analyzing what impact it would have had on the company had he NOT been part of what he did. This analysis throws up very interesting data points on the direction the product/direction the company would have taken had he ‘not’ been around! 

The beauty of the concept of simplicity is that it eliminates the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, the fear of failing, the fear of losing, the usual life problems such as ‘jealousy, hatred, the emotions such as ‘anger’, ‘sadness’ etc. Try it out, you will live an enlightened life!


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  1. nakularora says:

    Intriguing article… 🙂

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