The Author is a seasoned Product Management professional having launched more than 5 commercially successful products both for the enterprise and retail. In retail, the author has produced commercially successful products that have gathered over 1 million users across the world (primarily North America and Europe).

The author has practiced lean startup principles espoused by Eric Ries and Steve Blank. The author further believes strongly in Agile Scrum and practices Scrum heavily in day-day work.

One of the primary goals for this information product was to guide potential product managers starting off in India from scratch to help them build the next blockbuster product that customers would love using them!

In 99% of the cases, the author has come across Product Managers aspiring to make it big in India (where Product Management is still in its infancy) to exhibit the passion to build the next iPhone or iPad!

The author wishes to make this collaborative to gather and build a community of Product Managers and build the next Silicon valley in India in products catering to solving real world problems and unmet needs of the society!


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