Organizational change/restructuring and the associated politics

The problem

Its no secret on the level of politicking one has to encounter as one meanders through the complex maze of organizational politics. Change is forever and while it may impact different individuals at different times, the outcome is key. You are measured not always by what you did but how well you play to the new environment and how adaptable you are. You will be rooted out by the system sooner than later if you do not adjust to the new structure and this happens in organizations of all shapes and sizes. How do you negotiate this as a Product manager instituting product thinking into the new management team?

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Focus or the lack of it – why startups suffer / lessons learned!

One of my friend’s company seems to be in a total state of turmoil!

Basis what he informed me, one of the founders (a wickedly smart chap!) left and ever since, he claims to have lost that motivation to do great things at work. While his management team is trying to stich together a good turnaround strategy, he claims to have seen this script play itself before and claims it does not bode well.

The problem is really multi faceted and upon speaking with him, he narrowed it down to the top three things that alarmed him the most:

1. Lack of complete focus on target markets

2. Lack of a clear vision in terms of either being a product co. Or a service co.

3. Lack of a trust factor amongst the senior management of his co. – everyone seems to be doing their own thing

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The last 14 months / a roller coaster ride!

When I was at my previous Silicon valley/Bay Area product firm, I had taken a conscious call to blog at least 1 article every single week (and worst case, every month). However, I have not been able to keep my word as I have been busy traveling and have just not had a breather for the last 14 months so first of all, sincere apologies to my readers!

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Types of interviewing questions in Product Management

On the interviews I have attended for Product Management positions, some basic themes emerge.

I have tried to condense the same here.

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Interviewing for Product Management positions

I thought of dedicating the next few blog posts to help the potential PM aspirants to try for job searches.

First off, there is no magic wand to get a job in Product Management. Here’s a checklist I had followed in past that had helped me so I presume it is still valid. Thoughts welcome!

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Product centres in India

There are many Product companies in India. Do they really do great work? Subjective. The non political answer is – it depends. Largely on the market for who the product is designed. It depends on the company’s product positioning on its global/local – as I call it – glocal map.

What does this mean and where does this role of a Product Manager fit in – in the India context? Let me elaborate.

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