The Indian startup eco-system / 2 years down the line!

I had blogged about this extensively about 2-years ago (around Sept 2014). I thought it would be a good checkpoint to re-visit this topic to see (and gauge) where we stand today.

Rewind the clock a little backwards and this is what one saw back then: I had not yet joined India’s foremost e/m-commerce company when I blogged about the irrational exuberance prevailing in the Indian startup eco system, my previous startup company was not hugely funded yet by marquee VC firms/PE investors back then and there was indeed a HUGE VC/PE interest in startups of all shapes and sizes, focus on growth (profitability was forgotten!), Flipkart was making all the news with it’s billion $ funding announced in July 2014, as with all rising tides, all boats were lifted and there came a slew of startups – both solving someone’s unmet need and those that weren’t!

Fast forward to today and here is what one sees: Lack luster VC/PE interest in startups (especially new startups). Edgy founders. The food delivery startup mayhem took an untimely hit, e/m-commerce startups have almost ground to a halt on their old discounting model to acquire/buy consumers, VC/PE investors are looking to cash out after years of pouring money into startups of all shapes and sizes, investor enthusiasm shifts from growth/buying customers to focus on profitability/reducing burn and the goal to be the first in its category / vertical to reach GP zero from a high GP negative territory! So, how did this come about and what are the lessons one can derive from this choppy ride? Read more of this post


The Indian startup eco system

It is no secret that the Indian startup eco system has started to take shape. Look around in India and you feel the vibrant atmosphere akin to the 1970’s Bay Area or the 90’s Silicon valley, Seattle excitement! Those were the days when was still non existent, The Airbnb’s and Uber’s were not even on the horizon! Those were truly the days of the Apple vs. Microsoft war, was BIG, SUN was truly shining, DELL was BIG, the Personal Computer and server business was a never hotter, Cisco was huge, Intel was THE Chipmaker for the world, Yahoo was ‘THE Internet’ when Steve Jobs had just returned to Apple when his company NeXT got acquired by Apple and by a magical turn of events, he was CEO again!

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My offline dead tree library 1/3


Scott Forstall and Steven Sinofsky – two great product visionaries fired in a span of 2 weeks!

To me, personally, the last two-three weeks have been the most tumultuous and it has really nothing to do with me but the product behemoths – Apple and Microsoft – and their grossly incorrect decisions!

Here’s what happened.

About two weeks ago, Scott Forstall (iOS Chief) was fired from Apple by CEO, Tim Cook for apparently not signing on an Apple Maps apology letter to consumers.

About two days ago, Steven Sinofsky (Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Surface Chief) was fired from Microsoft by CEO, Steve Ballmer for apparently not collaborating enough with other teams.

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